Adoptable Dogs

We've listed our Adoptable Dogs here. If interested in any of our dogs please fill out an Adoption Application. We also have our dogs listed on Petfinder for greater exposure. It also allows us to add more pictures, so be sure to check out each dogs Petfinder page to see if more pictures are available, just scroll down or Click Here.


Gilly #25 

Hello Everyone! My name is Gilly. I'm estimated to be around 11yrs old and I weigh 47lbs. My family adopted me 10 years ago in Missouri, but then decided they couldn't care for me anymore so they dropped me back at the shelter. Some very nice people brought me to Minnesota (it’s cold here!) and now I have a foster mom and a foster brother, a 10 year old basset hound. I’m not food aggressive, toy aggressive, or any kind of aggressive. I don’t even know what the word means! I like to go on walks and car rides. I’m getting up there in years but I still get around just fine.  I’m house-broken and I’m fine resting on the floor, but if you want to lift me onto the couch, I won’t complain about it! I don't even need to be kenneled when foster mom leaves. The doctors wants to check out some bumps and lumps on me, and clean my teeth. I’m also getting over a respiratory infection and an eye infection, so I’m not quite ready for my forever home just yet. But my foster mom will keep you updated on everything, so check back in to see how I’m doing!

5/18/18 Update: I had dental surgery last week and I did GREAT under anesthesia!  They removed the tumor on my cheek, the skin tag on my belly, and a small thing on my right tonsil, and all came back BENIGN!! 

6.27.18 Update: Whew – I am all through with dental surgeries! Sadly, I no longer have any teeth, but that doesn’t stop me from eating, no sir! Foster mom puts water on my food. So now we are down to dealing with that tumor on my bum. 

I'm finally ready for my furever home! Do you have room at your house for a kind old guy like me?  


Layla #31 **special needs**

Layla is a very sweet gentle Basset Hound Poodle mix. We estimate her to be around 9 years old. She gets along great with the six other hounds at her foster home. She likes to “tell” the deer, turkeys and squirrels outside in the backyard that she’s watching them. She tends to be a very mellow, easy dog to have around. She will be sure to greet you with a wagging tail when you get home. Layla would prefer a home with little to no stairs. She does have some issues with her back legs being a bit stiff. After her haircut at Spring Fling she now prefers the dogs beds, so it seems she was getting a little warm so regular grooming will be important for her. She has a hard time with hard food and treats so softened food and treats would be her preference. If you’d like a sweet mellow lady as a companion Layla is your gal!


Lucky #39

My name is Lucky and I’m a spunky, fun-loving little girl! I was adopted from a shelter recently but my new mom became sick so I came to MNBR. I weigh about 40 pounds and they tell me I’m about 11 years old, but if you’ve ever seen me jump onto the couch or zoom up the stairs, you might not believe I’m that old! My new favorite place is the porch where I have started my own Neighborhood Watch. So if you come ‘round, I will have to notify everyone, but then we will be friends. I have a problem tinkling sometimes when and where I shouldn’t, but I am on medication for it and it’s working great. I love being outside, taking walks, and going for car rides. I’m very good at the vet and I love meeting new people. I like chasing cats but I’m told I’m the only one who likes it, so I should probably be in a home without cats. But I LOVE other dogs and I LOVE to play, so a fun-loving fur sibling would be awesome! I would love to meet you soon and become a part of your family. You can come to a MNBR event if you’d like, or if you just can’t wait, contact the rescue and we can meet up!


Freyja #48 ** special needs**

This lovely little lady is 5 yrs old and weighs 47 pounds. She is special needs because of her fearfulness. She needs slow, careful introductions to new people. She feels threatened by new people leaning over her or having direct eye contact. Once she knows you, she is very loving. In general, she seems to be more fearful of men, especially if they have beards, but does fine with her foster dad. Freyja is not a high energy dog. She prefers short walks over long ones but will occasionally play with her squeaker ball. She loves belly rubs. Freyja is used to being home alone during the day while her people go to work. She is housetrained and is not bothered by loud noises or thunderstorms. She can be protective of special treats. Freyja has generally done ok with other dogs but occasionally has decided she did not like a specific dog. She was successful attending doggie day care. She likely will do well with easy going, calm dogs.

We feel that Freyja would be happiest in a quiet, adult only home without cats. Although she has not lived with a cat, she seemed a little too interested in the one she met at the vet. Her adoptive family will need to be sensitive to her fears and not rush Freyja into situations that overwhelm her.


Nyla #50 **adoption pending**

Nyla got her freedom ride to Minnesota Basset Rescue. She is a beagle mix, a very smart little girl, 10 months old and was impounded at at a local shelter. We just couldn't leave her there.  As we get to know her we'll update you!

Dalia #53  **medical hold**

Dalia came into MNBR with heartworm. This poor gal is now starting heartworm treatment and hopefully will be better soon. So far she has been a very happy girl. Dalia is probably 2-3 years old and loves peanut butter kongs. As we learn more about her we'll continue to update. 


Oden #54 adoption pending

Oden is around 7 years old and 39lbs. He is a sweet, happy-go-lucky guy that loves to work the crowd for cuddles and pets. He is friendly with strangers, has been patient around kids, and will enthusiastically lean into you for a snuggle.


Mr. Lucky #55 **adoption pending**

Please welcome Mr. Lucky! He is a 12 years old bassador (basset/lab mix) and currently weighs 80 lbs. His size and weight make him a big tank, but he can go up and down stairs easily. He is very mellow and seems content to walk the yard and nap. Lucky's tail is always wagging and he loves to play tug with a rope toy. He came to MNBR with some cysts and itchy skin, but once they are under control he'll be ready to find his forever home. 


Ben #56

Welcome Ben!  He came to us with Jerry, and although he may like a playmate they aren't bonded. He is a bassador (basset/lab mix) around 1 year old and 33lbs. If you like to be licked to death, Ben is the perfect dog. Ben likes to cuddle, play with toys, and steal you shoes. Ben does stairs well and jumps in and out of bed with ease. He also rides well in the car. His leash walking skills could use some improvement, and he is a shameless beggar in the kitchen, but he is friendly with strangers, both human and dog alike. If you have the patience for training a puppy and you are looking for endless love, Ben is your guy!


Jerry #57 *adoption pending*

Welcome Jerry!  He came to us with Ben, and although he may like a playmate they aren't bonded. He is a bassador (basset/lab mix) around 1 year old and 35lbs. Jerry is a very rambunctious and playful guy. He is very much a puppy, so if you have the patience for training and are looking for endless love Jerry is your guy!