Adoptable Dogs

We've listed our Adoptable Dogs here. If interested in any of our dogs please fill out an Adoption Application. We also have our dogs listed on Petfinder for greater exposure. It also allows us to add more pictures, so be sure to check out each dogs Petfinder page to see if more pictures are available, just scroll down or Click Here.



Layla #31 **special needs**

Layla is a sweet, gentle Basset Hound-Poodle mix. We estimate her to be around 9 years old. She gets along great with the multiple hounds in her foster home. She likes to “tell” the deer, turkeys and squirrels outside in the backyard that she’s watching them. She tends to be a very mellow, easy dog to have around and will be sure to greet you with a wagging tail when you get home. She makes a great lap dog and doesn’t mind being carried. Layla has sublexing patellas which cause her some mobility issues so Layla would prefer a home with little to no stairs. She recently lost some additional weight and is down to 26.5 pounds. She takes medication for allergies. She is part poodle so she will need regular grooming. She has a hard time with hard food and treats so softened food and treats would be her preference. If you’d like a sweet mellow lady as a companion, Layla is your gal!


Lucky #39

My name is Lucky and I’m a spunky, fun-loving little girl! I was adopted from a shelter recently but my new mom became sick so I came to MNBR. I weigh about 40 pounds and they tell me I’m about 11 years old, but if you’ve ever seen me jump onto the couch or zoom up the stairs, you might not believe I’m that old! My new favorite place is the porch where I have started my own Neighborhood Watch. So if you come ‘round, I will have to notify everyone, but then we will be friends. I have a problem tinkling sometimes when and where I shouldn’t, but I am on medication for it and it’s working great. I love being outside, taking walks, and going for car rides. I’m very good at the vet and I love meeting new people. I like chasing cats but I’m told I’m the only one who likes it, so I should probably be in a home without cats. But I LOVE other dogs and I LOVE to play, so a fun-loving fur sibling would be awesome! I would love to meet you soon and become a part of your family. You can come to a MNBR event if you’d like, or if you just can’t wait, contact the rescue and we can meet up!

Dalia #53  **medical hold**

Dalia came into MNBR heartworm positive. It will take a couple of months to treat this and we want to be sure she’s healthy before adopting her to a new family. So hopefully we get some positive updates in December/January on her treatment update. She recently started treatment which, in addition to being costly, will take 90 days to complete. So far she has been a very happy girl. Dalia is probably 2-3 years old and loves peanut butter kongs.


Begonia #59 **adoption pending**

Begonia is a 2yr old male basset and around 50lbs. We are getting to know this adorable guy, stay tuned for more info.

Henry #60 **adoption pending**

This handsome hound mix is estimated to be around 5-7 years old and weighs 55 pounds. He came to MNBR from the south along with his daughter Sadie. He is very affectionate and loves to snuggle. He's a good boy, sleeps through the night, and hasn’t had any accidents in the house. He loves sleeping on the couch, the recliner, or anything soft. He is not a big barker and he loves people.


Sparky #62 **medical hold**

At 11 years old, we couldn’t say no to this last minute addition to a transport, even when we found out he was heartworm positive. We are going to make sure he’s healthy and give him the pampering he deserves. Stay tuned for updates!


Max #63 **medical hold**

Please welcome Max #63! This husky 6 year old hound weighs in at a whopping 92.5 pounds! He will need to lose some pounds and get his allergies under control before he’ll be ready for adoption so stay tuned for updates!


QuINcy #64

Please welcome Quincy! He is around 5 - 6 years old and 32lbs. So far he’s fitting in just fine with the other dogs in the foster home and the cats. He’s been exposed to children and doesn’t seem to mind them. Quincy is starting to play with tennis balls and stuffed toys as he gets more comfortable in his foster home. He doesn’t seem to mind the crate if you need to put him in one. He’s fully potty trained and does just fine in the car. He would do best in a home without a lot of stairs, although he is ok with some. Quincy can get a little curious so we’d recommend a home with a fenced in yard. He’s a very sweet guy and loves to snuggle. Quincy just seems to be an all-around great well-rounded pup!


Dottie #65

Welcome Dottie to MNBR! She is around 4-5 years old. Her and her sister Jezabel are learning how to be spoiled after joining us. They’ve not had the pleasure of living in a home before and we are in the process of teaching them how fun it is. We’ll continue updating as we learn more about them.


Jezabel #66

Welcome Jezabel to MNBR! She is around 4-5 years old. Her and her sister Dottie are learning how to be spoiled after joining us. They’ve not had the pleasure of living in a home before and we are in the process of teaching them how fun it is. We’ll continue updating as we learn more about them.