Adoptable Dogs

We've listed our Adoptable Dogs here. If interested in any of our dogs please fill out an Adoption Application. We also have our dogs listed on Petfinder for greater exposure. It also allows us to add more pictures, so be sure to check out each dogs Petfinder page to see if more pictures are available, just scroll down or Click Here.



Layla #31 **special needs**

Layla is a sweet, gentle Basset Hound-Poodle mix. We estimate her to be around 9 years old. She gets along great with the multiple hounds in her foster home. She likes to “tell” the deer, turkeys and squirrels outside in the backyard that she’s watching them. She tends to be a very mellow, easy dog to have around and will be sure to greet you with a wagging tail when you get home. She makes a great lap dog and doesn’t mind being carried. Layla has sublexing patellas which cause her some mobility issues so Layla would prefer a home with little to no stairs. She recently lost some additional weight and is down to 26.5 pounds. She takes medication for allergies. She is part poodle so she will need regular grooming. She has a hard time with hard food and treats so softened food and treats would be her preference. If you’d like a sweet mellow lady as a companion, Layla is your gal! To learn more about adopting me click here.


Lucky #39

Lucky was adopted from a shelter a little over a year ago but her new owner became sick and had to give up all her pets, so Lucky came to MNBR. We think she is about 11 but has the mobility of a 3-year-old. She is spunky and fun and always in a good mood. She would love to play but her current foster brother and sister just aren’t into it, so Lucky has tons of fun treeing squirrels, as well as exchanging barks with the mastiff across the alley. She gets very excited for meals and jumps with all four legs off the floor. Once she has her food, though, she sits down and eats quite daintily.

NOTE: Lucky has been diagnosed with mild kidney dysfunction which is currently managed by medications.

To learn more about adopting me click here.


Sparky #62 **medical hold**

This 11 year old soul joined MNBR on September 29th heartworm positive and with horrible teeth. MNBR immediately got him started on the American Heartworm Society's treatment protocol. On December 5th he received the first of three injections needed to kill the heartworms attacking his system on January 9th Sparky received his second injection, and on January 10th he received his third and final injection! Sparky’s retest after 30 days came back negative so he was cleared for a much-needed dental which was completed on March 18th.

Sparky will need to be on heartworm prevention year-round for the rest of his life, which we hope will be several more years.
Heartworm treatment is costly, lengthy, and takes a physical toll on the infected dog. Thankfully, Sparky appears to be handling the treatment well and is on his way to a healthier, happier life To learn more about adopting me click here.


Manny #69 **medical hold**

Manny is a 12 year old beagle who we just couldn’t say no to helping. Manny is very active for his age and very curious. He is very much the typical beagle and loves to get into the garbage and any other interesting things he can find. He quickly found the preferred dog spots on the sofa, in the sun porch, and in front of the heater. His foster mom has been doing a great job of finding fun activities for Manny to keep his busy mind occupied. He generally ignores the other dogs in his home but enjoys pats fr om his foster mom. Manny has a bit of a leaky bladder, but his house-training has greatly improved since he was prescribed Proin and Prozac. He is on a medical hold until his bladder issues can be resolved and a dental can be completed. To learn more about adopting me click here.


Belle #74

Belle #74 is a sweet, very active 2-3 year old Basset mix. Belle is on the small side weighing in around 35 pounds. She is great with other dogs and eager to please her people. She has not been exposed to children or cats. She is kennel trained and house trained and rides well in the car. As with most hounds she is very vocal so it would be best to avoid apartment living. Belle is full of energy and smart as a whip, which gets her in trouble as she is a bit of an escape artist. A secure fenced-in yard and active lifestyle would be best for Belle. She has shown some separation anxiety so she may prefer a home where someone is home most of the day. If you're looking for a dog who is always ready to greet you with excitement and lots of kisses, look no further! To learn more about adopting me click here.


Pippa #79

Pippa is a 7 year old Basset mix who is on the small side weighing in around 35 pounds. She would prefer a house without children as they are a bit too much for her to handle. She loves playing with the other dog at her foster home, but she has been an only dog in the past. She likes to play with the resident cat in the same way she plays with dogs, so a potential kitty housemate would need to be tolerant. She is able to stay home for nine hours during the day while her foster mom is at work. Pippa is fairly energetic for her age and loves to tell you all about it! To learn more about adopting Pippa click here.

Rosie #82 **Medical Hold**

Rosie is a 14yr old basset that came to MNBR due to a change in her family’s living situation. At 14 years old this sweet girl stole our hearts and was welcomed with open arms. Late Sunday night, Rosie was rushed to the emergency vet as her foster family suspected bloat. Bloat is a potentially deadly condition where a dog's stomach fills with gas, food, or fluid putting pressure on other organs and cutting off blood circulation. Symptoms of bloat include a distended abdomen, unproductive vomiting, pacing, excessive drooling, and difficulty breathing. A dog suffering from bloat must be brought to a vet as soon as possible.

When the emergency vet confirmed our fears, a decision had to be made. The surgery itself gave no guarantees, and the road to recovery would be difficult, especially at her age, but MNBR felt she deserved a chance. Rosie underwent emergency surgery early on Monday morning and was transferred to a veterinarian to be monitored for the day. Monday evening she was able to return to her foster home to rest and start her recovery.

Please keep Rosie in your thoughts. If you would like to donate towards the cost of her surgery, please click the Donate button to the left.


Gus #78 **Adoption Pending**

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