Forever Foster Program

MNBR’s mission is to Rescue, Renew, Rehome, but in some cases that’s just not possible. Because we accept dogs from shelters, impounds, as well as personal relinquishments, we often take in dogs that are elderly, injured or sick and have few options outside of rescue.

While some of these dogs can be renewed and rehomed, some arrive with behavioral or medical issues that make them poor candidates for adoption. MNBR doesn’t shy away from these cases and is willing to provide these dogs with the care they need and a safe, loving home in which to spend the time they have left. Through our Forever Foster Program, our compassionate hospice foster homes open their hearts to a foster dog who will never leave, while MNBR covers any costs associated with their medical needs.

Below you will find a list of our current hospice fosters and their stories. If you would like to donate towards their care, please Click Here.


Layla (aka mopo) #31

Layla was transferred MNBR in April of 2018 from another rescue in North Dakota. Being a basset/poodle mix, they hoped she would have a better chance at getting adopted through a basset rescue. At an estimated nine years of age Layla had her share of troubles that only worsened over time.

Layla suffered from terrible allergies which required her to take daily medication. Special food was needed due to chronic issues with pancreatitis. Arthritis, subluxing patellas, and other joint deformities severely limited her mobility and required daily joint supplements and pain medications.

Recently MNBR acquired Layla a customized wheelchair to assist her in getting around her foster home. She is still getting the hang of it, but we will post pictures and video soon! Layla has been in foster care for over a year, and while she has attracted a lot of interest due to her general cuteness and her extensive collection of outfits and shoes, adopters have been unable to commit to handling her mobility issues and expensive prescription list. The board of directors along with her loving foster home decided to designate her as our first Forever Foster and allow her to live out her remaining years under our care.


rosie #82

Rosie came to MNBR in March of 2019 due to a divorce. Only a few days after joining MNBR Rosie suffered a severe case of bloat. Bloat occurs when the stomach twists and then fills with gas, becoming distended and putting pressure on the diaphragm, which can cause breathing problems. The pressure cuts off the return blood flow to the heart and can cause tissue death and lead to stomach rupture. At 14 years old and against all odds she survived the surgery. We believe her bloat was likely related to anxiety from her transition away from her family and into rescue. During her recovery period, her foster home noted additional signs of anxiety and adjusted to help her feel more comfortable. Given her advanced age the board decided it would be best to let her stay where she is most comfortable and not face another stressful transition.