Featured above are Zuzu and Rae Ann. Their favorite things include food, any food.


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animal friendly housing

ABODO has the largest list of currently available pet friendly housing. The inability to find pet friendly housing is one of the leading causes of cat & dog abandonment.

Featured above is Marty (ATB), his favorite things were socializing and his yard.

Featured above is Marty (ATB), his favorite things were socializing and his yard.

basset hound information

Learn more about the Basset Hound Breed including health, temperment & more!

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the rainbow bridge

ATB or "At the Bridge" is a reference to the Rainbow Bridge. This is in reference to a poem about what happens when we lose an animal we love. Click below to read.

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The risk of heartworm has grown in years. Learn more about Heartworm and how to protect your pet.

Good oral health is important and following VOHC accepted products is key to buying the right oral care products.

Although your vet should be your first call, learn more about pet symptoms, breeds, care and information at PetMD.


vet care

It's important to keep your pet healthy with regular checkups and take care of necessary medical issues. Here are a list of low cost clinic resources.

MN Snap
Veterinary Assistance Resources
Mission Animal Hospital
Kindest Cut Humane Society
ValueCare Veterinary Clinic

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Learn more about The Greater Minneapolis Saint Paul Basset Hound Club.

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A non-profit whose goal is to support dog rescues & shelters located in MN.


What should you feed your Basset Hound? Some tips and suggestions.

Here is an interesting article that we wanted to share called
Three Ways to Confuse a New Dog
”Three days, three weeks, three months.” That’s the mantra of many dog trainers and behaviorists, when welcoming a new dog into their household. The “magic of threes” is especially relevant when adopting an adolescent or adult dog into your home. Dogs, especially non-puppies, are often in a bit of shock for the first three days in a new home, and don’t show you too much about who they are until…….READ MORE