Featured above is Pete. His favorite things are his Mom and Dad.

As a foster-based rescue, we are in constant need of responsible, caring foster homes. We depend on our foster homes to provide a loving, safe environment for each hound as they wait for their forever family.

While many of our fosters and volunteers reside in the Twin Cities area, our need for foster homes extends all over the state of Minnesota and encompasses all types of families, homes, and lifestyles. While many bassets can be sweet, mobile, and easy going, some may not be able to do stairs, are afraid of children, or like to chase cats. Each dog is unique and will have different needs, but each one will need a caring, generous family willing to donate their time, energy and love to our adoptable basset hounds.   Our foster home and adoption teams provides assistance and guidance whether you are fostering your first dog or you are an experienced foster. Fostering is an incredibly satisfying experience where you can make a direct impact in a basset hound's life. 

benefits of foster homes over shelters

As a foster-based rescue we are a network of volunteers spread all over the state of Minnesota. This allow us to be more agile and flexible than a brick and mortar location.  Providing a home environment to our hounds during their transition to a forever home is essential as it allows us an opportunity to get to know each dog in a natural setting and take the necessary steps to help the dog succeed in a new home. 

what is required of a foster home?

Provide a loving and caring home and be sure to offer a safe environment for the basset hound coming into your home. We expect you'd treat them as your own. This includes daily care, veterinarian trips, training, and being sensitive to the dogs needs. Each foster home is different and we understand that, therefore would not ask you to handle more than you feel comfortable with. We will work with you and provide guidance along the way.

how do i become a foster home?

We'd like to make sure you understand our policy in full before committing to a foster home. This is to make sure all parties involved know what is required to make sure all parties involved know what is required.

We'll then contact you to discuss your home and responsibilities, and answer any questions you may have. We will contact your current vet to do our due diligence to ensure you have been a responsible pet owner. 

i'm a foster home, now what?

We depend on you as a foster home to provide the necessary information on the dog(s) you are fostering. This includes filling out a Foster Home Dog Evaluation Form a few weeks after they've been in your home and have time to acclimate and show their true personality.  This helps those looking for specific traits such as active, sedentary, good with kids, good with dogs, good with cats know a little more about the dog and if they'd make a good fit. We also ask you to describe a little bit about the dog, their likes/dislikes and personality, and update us with pictures.