Featured above is Norman. His favorite things are his squeaky toy and his dad.

Volunteering is extremely rewarding for so many reasons, but here are a few!

  • Meet New Friends: Not only would you be with animal lovers alike, but those who also love Basset Hounds just as much as you. You'd be surprised what life-long friendships can be formed. 
  • Help the Dogs: Seems obvious enough, but really! Your volunteer efforts help spread awareness of not only animal adoption, but Minnesota Basset Rescue.  This increases the chances that the dogs get rescued.  It's quite a small world as many of us have experienced. You never know how word may spread through the grapevine and find a family looking for a new family member.
  • Become a happier more fulfilled individual: Not to get too deep, but doing things that make you happy really spill over into how you're feeling. It can give you more satisfaction in life, lower your stress levels, make you feel needed and appreciated and increase your overall happiness!

Ready to Volunteer!?!  Fill out the Volunteer Application below OR Click Here for a PDF version.  We will get in touch with you shortly. Thanks for your support of Minnesota Basset Rescue.